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Ultimate's completely redesigned T1 Series product line has been engineered to exceed performance and sound quality typically found with factory audio systems.  We invest countless hours into creating the sound that you desire. Achieving better sound shouldn’t mean having to drop several hundred dollars on upgrading your system. With just the right mix of technology, tweaking the specifications, and understanding the ‘sweet’ spot for frequency response, we’ve developed the essential products that will take you several levels above factory sound.

T1 Series
> Speakers
> Subwoofer
> Amplifiers

T2 Series
> Speakers
> Subwoofers
> Amplifiers

FM Transmitter
> FM Transmitter

Head Units
> CD/MP3 Player
> DVD Player

Mobile Video
> Flip-Down monitor
> Headrest monitor
> Ipad Headrest Mount
> License plate camera

> Interconnects
> Fuse Holder
> Capacitors
> Power Wires
> Speaker Wires
> Amplifier Installations Kits

> Wedge Series
> Truck Series
> Full Range Series
> Truck-Specific Series

> Seat Heating Systems


Ultimate’s T1 series amplifiers are designed to boost low-power head unit audio systems for greater dynamics and improved frequency response. We drive our amps through rigorous load testing to ensure they operate under the most stressful of conditions. After all, we know you will! MOSFET technology assures your amp satisfies the voltage and current demands of today’s systems. And with ultra low distortion, these amps will deliver clean, crisp sound to your speakers and subwoofers. Small profile design to stay out of the way in space limited vehicles.

Main Features
• Class AB Circuitry
• 2 Ohm Stable Amplifier
• MOSFET Power Supply
• Multi-Channel Capable
• Overload Protection Indicator
• Gold Plated RCA Connections
• Low Level Input – variable up to 2 volts
• High Level Input – variable up to 10 volts
• Gold Plated Terminal Block for Power Input Speaker Output
• Crossover Selection Switch for LPF/Full
• Variable Crossover Control for 50 to 200Hz
• Protection Circuitry against Short, Overload and Thermal

200w Amplifier


Continuous Power
• 4 ohms: 50 x 2
• 2 ohms: 80 x 2

Maximum Power

• 4 ohms: 100 x 2
• 2 ohms: 160 x 2

Bridged Power

• 4 ohms: 120 x 1


Signal to Noise Ratio: 90db
Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz
Speaker Impedance (Min): 2 ohms
Damping Factor: 250 @ 4 ohm
Input Sensitivity: 200mV - 2V
Dimensions: 9 1/2” x 9-1/2” x 2” (24 x 24 x 5cm)
Fuse Rating: 25A







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