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T1 Series
> Speakers
> Subwoofer
> Amplifiers

T2 Series
> Speakers
> Subwoofers
> Amplifiers

FM Transmitter
> FM Transmitter

Head Units
> CD/MP3 Player
> DVD Player

Mobile Video
> Flip-Down monitor
> Headrest monitor
> Ipad Headrest Mount
> License plate camera

> Interconnects
> Fuse Holder
> Capacitors
> Power Wires
> Speaker Wires
> Amplifier Installations Kits

> Wedge Series
> Truck Series
> Full Range Series
> Truck-Specific Series

> Seat Heating Systems


Welcome to Ultimate Support. below you can find all product information concerning each speaker series from images to literature. All images in their respective series are available in high resloution saved in RGB, JPEG format to ensure swift download. Literature is downloadable in LOW-RES PDF format.



Macintosh Users
If you are using a Mac OS, when the large image appears, control click on the image and save it to your

local hard drive or drag and drop it to your desktop.


Windows PC Users
If you are using a Windows OS, when the large image appears, click on the large image with the right mouse button and save it to your local hard drive.

T1 Series

T1 Speakers manual (771 Kb)
T1 Components manual (824 Kb)
T1 Subwoofers manual (711 Kb)

T2 Series
T2 Speakers manual (799 Kb)
T2 Components manual (866 Kb)
T2 Subwoofers manual (736 Kb)
T2 Amplifiers manual (713 Kb)

T3 Series
T3 Speakers manual (335 Kb)
T3 Components manual (641 Kb)
T3 Subwoofers manual (275 Kb)
T3 Amplifiers manual (2.175 Mb)
T3 Remote Volume Control manual (236 Kb)
T3 Technical Brief (308 Kb)

Head Units

CD101 - Manual (en)
CD101 - Manual (fr)

CD201 - Manual (en)

CD201 - Manual (fr)


FM Transmitters

UBTFM41- Manual

UFM31 - Manual



Digitalis DD1-1200 (106 Kb)
Digitalis DD1-1300S (96 Kb)
Digitalis DT2-800 (112 Kb)
UHC Series (181 Kb)
T3 Series ('02-04) (290 Kb)
T2 Amplifiers manual
Titanium Series (132 Kb)

Cupric Series (53 Kb)
KW Series (108 Kb)
Max Series (900 Kb)
Platinum Series (98 Kb)
SB Series (1.145 Mb)
Titanium II Series (50 Kb)
Titanium Series (89 Kb)
UB Series (685 Kb)
UX Series (82 Kb)

R Series - Component Systems (131 Kb)
Chrome Series - Full Range (118 Kb)
Chrome Series - Component Systems (87 Kb)
Cupric Series - Component Systems (75 Kb)
Platinum Series - Component Systems (136 Kb)
Platinum Series - Full Range (79 Kb)
Titanium II Series - Component Systems (93 Kb)
Titanium II Series - Full Range (64 Kb)
UX Series - Component Systems (99 Kb)
UX Series - Full Range (57 Kb)




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