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Ultimate's completely redesigned T1 Series product line has been engineered to exceed performance and sound quality typically found with factory audio systems.  We invest countless hours into creating the sound that you desire. Achieving better sound shouldn’t mean having to drop several hundred dollars on upgrading your system. With just the right mix of technology, tweaking the specifications, and understanding the ‘sweet’ spot for frequency response, we’ve developed the essential products that will take you several levels above factory sound.

T1 Series
> Speakers
> Subwoofer
> Amplifiers

T2 Series
> Speakers
> Subwoofers
> Amplifiers

FM Transmitter
> FM Transmitter

Head Units
> CD/MP3 Player
> DVD Player

Mobile Video
> Flip-Down monitor
> Headrest monitor
> Ipad Headrest Mount
> License plate camera

> Interconnects
> Fuse Holder
> Capacitors
> Power Wires
> Speaker Wires
> Amplifier Installations Kits

> Wedge Series
> Truck Series
> Full Range Series
> Truck-Specific Series

> Seat Heating Systems

iPad Automotive Headrest Mount

If you’re looking to provide entertainment to your back-seat passengers, no question the iPad can provide hours of fun. Look no further than our simple iPad 2 headrest mount, designed and engineered as a fully adjustable and universal solution. You’ll be up and running in less than a minute. No installation required!



  • Rugged ABS plastic assembly
  • 360° rotation and 180° swivel
  • Universal post clamps fi t most vehicles
  • 3-point brackey for safety and security
  • Quick-release tab for fast and easy mounting

Flip-Down Monitor with DVD and Media Player


  • Built-in transmitter for FM radio broadcasting
  • Audio/Video input and output
  • Slot-load mechanism
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Multiple languages for OSD
  • Wireless remote control

Headrest Monitor with DVD and Media Player


  • Digital TFT LED panel (RGB 800 x 480) with off-axis viewing
  • Screen mounted IR transmitter for wireless headphones
  • Built-in transmitter for FM radio broadcasting
  • Playback of MP4/DVD/SVCD/CD/MP3/JPEG/KODAK fi le formats
  • Supports various media types – DVD, CD-R/W, USB, SD
  • Built-in gaming function – includes game remote and DVD disc
  • Audio/Video input and output
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Multiple languages for OSD
  • Wireless remote control
  • High quality pillow cover with zipper
  • Fully adjustable headrest poles

License Plate Bezel with Waterproof Camera


  • Adjustable 1/3" colour camera
  • CMOS technology with USA OV7910 sensor
  • Wide angle lens - 120 degree
  • Night vision to 0lux - 8 infrared LED's
  • Resolution - 380 TV lines
  • Waterproof - meets IP67-IP68 standards
  • Universal cast aluminum frame



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